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Makeup Pencil Case

This ttvalley pencil case oval zip pencil pouch stationery box for kids is the perfect accessory for your child's makeup pencil case. This box contains a pen case with a stationery box on the front, and is also available in a boy's version. It's the perfect accessory for your child's on-the-go makeup case, and is perfect for a young artist or artiste.

Cotton Pencil Case


Zip Up Pencil Case

This large capacity pencil case will store your pencils, eros, and bags while you are in school. The case also has a comfortable shoulder strap and multiple slots for supplies. This case is the perfect solution for those who work in a school and need to take their pencils, eros, and bags with them. this pencil case is perfect for the young artist in your family. It is large enough to store all of your pencils and also comes with a case for your makeup and art supplies. Thecubes is the perfect company for this task, as they are always working on the next design to make your pencil case more stylish and functional. It is made of durable zippered fabric and clear plastic baggies, and has a meaning symbol on the front. The bag is also filled with funraltar tours and tours of art which makes it a perfect choice for on-the-go moments. this canvas pencil cases is a great for carrying pencils and other writing supplies. The zippered pouch makes it easy to find your supplies when you're out and about. The cosmetic bag stationery waterproof option means your materials will stay clean and waterproof. And the 14pcs pencil pen case zipper pouch is the perfect size for carrying your supplies.