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Pusheen Pencil Case

Our pusheen pencil case is the perfect way to protect your computer while still looking stylish. With its hello kitty design, this case is sure to keep your computer looking in good condition. Plus, it comes with a set of 8 pencils, so you can always have a set available.

Pusheen Exclusive Pencil Case

Pusheen Cat Pencil Case

The new and improvedusheen cat pencil case is now available for purchase at the pusheen website. This new version is very slim and easy to carry. It has a stylish design with a comfortable shoulder strap. Plus, it has a black and green color scheme that is perfect for any room in your home. the case is also very strong and durable. It features a smooth texture that will never provide any starts. Plus, it is covered in an age-safe waterproof material that will protect your pencil case from everyday wear and tear. There are two zippered compartments that can easily house your pencils. One is made of plastic that is safe for both soft and hard materials. The other is a polyester bag compartment that is perfect for holding pens, thank you cards, or other less heavy items. the only downside to this new version is that it is a bit large for some people. But for others, the usheen cat pencil case is the perfect way to keep their pencils safe and easy.

Pusheen Pencil Case Walmart

This pink pens case is perfect for carrying your pens and pencils with you anywhere you go. The soft, colorful fabric is perfect for the everyday girl that loves to makeismo. the pusheen pencil case is a great way to keep your pencils with you in when you need them. It is also easy to access and you can store your materials anywhere you want. This case is a great addition to your office and its hard to find a way to carry your materials without one. this gund pusheen cat plush zipper pencil case is a soft and comfortable pencil case designed for use by the kitty. The zipper handle makes it easy to carry the kitty, and the leather-based cover ensures even bluetooth writing has a great grip. The inside has a comfortable space for the kitty's hand, and there are two compartments - one for books, papers, and tools, and one for his food and water. The gund pusheen cat plush zipper pencil case is the perfect spot for keeping your cat's paper and tool collection organized and exciting. Thispencilpouch is the perfect way to protect your desk and make writing easier. The soft, colorful fabric is achievementspencil case perfect for holding your pencils. The suave, colorful fabric is the perfect color for your office. The pen pouch is also perfect for a key ring or phone case.