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Zipit Monster Pencil Case

Zipit monster pencil case is the perfect way to keep your drawing tools close but provide enough room to move on. Its colorful designs will make you look like a pro at every class!

ZIPIT Monster Pencil Case - Pink

ZIPIT Monster Pencil Case - Pink



Monster Pencil Case

What is a monster pencil case? a monster pencil case is a tool that helps students to make drawing becomes easier. It features a variety of supplies that are need for the various types of drawing, so it is not difficult to find the supplies that are needed for the work. The case also has a variety of pockets that can store materials, making it easy to take with you when you need to take a break.

Zipper Monster Pencil Case

This zipper monster pencil case has purple and silver metallic teeth that seem tozl open and close on their own. The case also has a one continuous zipkraller opening. This is a great case for any elementary school student's school supplies and supplies cup. this washable pencil case comes with a 3 ring binder pouch in the front and a black design on the back. There is a lot of space to store pencils and crayons in this case, and it perfect for uses like this! this is a perfect for holding a monster pencil case for kids! It is large capacity and has a blue and red design, while the pencil case also has a cute pencil pouch over the top. This makes it easy to get to your creature's toolkit. You can find it at a store like project runway, counter space is an issue? this is the perfect answer! this zipit monster pencil case is the perfect way to keep your supplies close while also looking top-notch. With its zip-top case and interior filled with rewards, you'll be able to write in the sack-friendly method you've always wanted. The black binder pen case also includes a smile monster 3 ring for added excitement. Pre-order your case today and you'll receive a free pink zip-top backpack!